Excellent Quality Tyres in Wilmslow Available at Excellent Prices

Tyres in WilmslowFor tyres in Wilmslow, Cottage Street Garage has every brand and price range you could want.

Our customers who depend on us for all of their automotive maintenance, service, repairs and MOT testing, find buying tyres from us a great convenience. We carry all the well known brands and many price ranges to suit your budget. We are a leading fast-fit supplier and we specialise in wheel balancing and alignment. We don’t promote any one brand but we are knowledgeable about all of them. That is so we can better serve your tyre needs. We do promote tyre safety. We are always ready to explain to anyone the importance of your tyres to your safety and to how well your car handles in all road conditions.

We conduct MOT testing here, and tyres are on the checklist. For our customers and their families in Wilmslow, tyres are the one thing you don’t want to delay replacing. You can’t pass the MOT if the tyre tread is low and that’s a good thing. For your family and everybody else on the road that means fewer tragic accidents caused by bald tyres. Drivers young and old sometimes tend to forget about their tyres so MOT testing gets their attention. We check the tyre alignment too because if it’s off your tyres are going to wear unevenly and you won’t have the control over the steering needed for safe driving. Parents, if your teenager is driving the car his or her safety may depend on you keeping a check on their tyres between yearly MOTs.

We make it easy for you to get new tyres in Wilmslow. You can start at home by checking our website to see which tyres you want. Go ahead and choose them online. Then, we can usually fit them for you the next day. If you’re in a hurry, we can often do same day tyre replacement. We welcome you to contact us if you want some help selecting the right tyres for your car and your budget. We’ll help you sort through the options. We’ve been doing this for over 40 years so you can trust our advice and our skills. If you pick up a nail somewhere or the stem is causing a leak, bring your car to us. We can repair those tyres and have you safely back on the road.