Tyres in Sutton – Choose From the Best Available Range

Tyres in SuttonThe condition of your tyres in Sutton affects your stability, safety and comfort when driving. Being the only point of contact between your car and the road, any fault, weakness or defect in your tyre assembly is dangerous for you and other road users. Poor tyre maintenance and servicing leads to frequent punctures and increases the risk of tyre burst. Nobody expects car drivers to know every detail of their tyres, including the age, width, profile and speed category. These are some of the parameters defined in the set of numbers and letters on the side face of your tyre. It is crucial that you only use the recommended tyres on your car. Using tyres that don’t match in anyway creates instability and inefficient fuel consumption.

The UK regulatory authorities have several conditions your tyres must meet for roadworthiness. In Sutton, our tyres specialists can advise when to replace your tyres. Since tyre replacement is costly, we can advice you well in advance so you can be ready when your tyres wear out. Thus, we can use the the depth of your tyre treads and rate of wear to determine if other wheel components such as the bearings or wheel hub need servicing. We also ensure that the wheels we fit are ideal for your vehicle’s primary use. Thus, fitting off road tyres on a town car or winter tyres in the summer is detrimental to your car’s fuel consumption and overall performance.

We have been fitting tyres in Sutton for more than 40 years and have established our brand as an authority in the region. Hence, we provide leading tyre brands, including Dunlop, Pirelli, Continental, Firestone and good year at competitive prices. We also stock budget brands for people who desire bargain prices. Call Cottage Street Garage now if your tyres need servicing or replacement. Furthermore, we are famous for our fast-fit services and quality work. Apart from tyre replacement and puncture repair, we also do wheel alignment checks and balancing. Poor wheel alignment and balancing can increase your car’s fuel consumption and tyres wear rate.