Car Servicing in Bollington – Extend Your Car’s Lifespan

Car Servicing in Bollington You can extend your vehicle’s lifespan with regular car servicing in Bollington. Manufacturers make close lifespan estimates for your car’s components and operational systems and components. Hence, they measure this is in mileage or months. Yet, these lifespans and the car’s effective performance are not set in stone. Vehicle performance depends on several factors such as driving speed and regime, servicing intervals and durations, and the driver’s experience. To avoid lengthy downtime when you need your car, ensure you perform regular servicing. Regular servicing helps you identify potential challenges or failures before they happen. Comprehensive car servicing can save you time and money, enabling you to have quality time with your friends and family.

It is easy to work on a car that receives regular servicing. Thus, in Bollington, our car servicing technicians are thorough and have an eye for detail. They go through every detail of your car during comprehensive servicing. If you service your car regularly, our checks and repairs will be quick and easy. Yet, if your servicing visits are far apart, we will need ample time to give you a worthwhile check-up. It is advisable to service your car frequently and as per the manufacturer’s schedule. If you are unclear about the schedule, we can assist you and propose a date for your next service check. Your car servicing frequency depends on the manufacturer’s schedule, and your car’s condition. Old cars need more frequent servicing than new ones.

We provide several types of car servicing in Bollington. Our leading car servicing packages are, Full, Interim and Oil Servicing. Contact Cottage Street Garage today if you need any type of car servicing. Full servicing covers all aspects of your car and is ideal after 12 months or every 12,000 miles. The Interim Service is necessary after six months or 6,000 miles and is ideal for cars in urban settings or that cover short distances. Vehicles that frequently cover long distances also do interim servicing to maintain performance. Oil servicing is a simple check, done in between Interim services where we change your engine oil and its filter. In addition, we check essential components such as your batteries, lights, brakes and power steering systems.