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Operating for more than 50 years, Cottage Street Garage is Macclesfield’s automotive repair specialists, with expertise in car servicing, MOT testing, tyres, brakes, exhausts and air conditioning.

An exhaust that is in good working order is key to the maintenance of a smooth running engine with optimum fuel efficiency. With competitive prices on a wide selection of exhausts for cars and light commercial vehicles, Cottage Street Garage is the local expert to help maintain your vehicle’s exhaust system.

We will examine your vehicle’s exhaust system and restore the condition as near to the manufacturer’s original specification as possible. Cottage Street Garage is not tied into selling any one brand of exhaust component, so we will always give you impartial advice towards the most appropriate parts for your exhaust system and your pocket!

Whether it’s for an exhaust or catalytic converter check or exhaust part replacement, our friendly team of mechanics is always on-hand to give expert and impartial advice to help keep you on the road. Our fair and honest pricing on all servicing, MOT tests, tyres, brakes and exhausts means that we offer the same quality service as a main dealership, but at a much more affordable price!

Just drop into the garage or call us on 01625 426507 to see how we can keep you motoring!

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Motoring Tips – Exhausts & Exhaust System

What is an exhaust system?

Your exhaust system is your vehicles means of channelling away emissions and noxious fumes from the engine, as well as helps reduce engine noise and maintain optimum fuel efficiency. The job of the exhaust, catalytic converter and monitoring system is to maintain the correct balance of exhaust emissions, check the engine is running efficiently and move engine emissions away from the vehicle occupants. A defect exhaust system can reduce engine performance and fuel efficiency, increase engine noise, as well lead to noxious fumes being drawn into the vehicle cabin, making the vehicle occupants feel drowsy. If you suspect that your vehicle exhaust system is faulty in any way, consult Cottage Street Garage as quickly as possible.

Why is maintaining the exhaust system important?

A healthy exhaust system is critical if you are to maintain optimum fuel efficiency and engine performance, a quiet smooth running engine, and the health and welfare of the vehicle occupants. Under existing regulations the Police can warrant the removal of any vehicle from the roadways on the suspicion that it is producing excessive amounts of pollutant gases from the exhaust system. Your vehicle will also come under police scrutiny if your vehicle exhaust system is broken and excessively noisy. In addition, your vehicle will also fail its MOT test if the exhaust system has a fault resulting in incorrect emissions levels being recorded (your vehicles emission levels are by the vehicle manufacturers and enforced at the time of a MOT test).

How can I tell if my exhaust needs attention?

The exhaust system has four main functions: to improve the performance of the engine, to improve fuel consumption, to control noise, and to direct exhaust fumes away from the engine and vehicle occupants. At Cottage Street Garage, we believe that motorists should have their exhaust system regularly checked (i.e. every 6 months). However, how long your exhaust system lasts depends on how far and how often you drive your car rather than the length of time it has been fitted (i.e. vehicles used for short trips tend to corrode their exhausts in a much shorter time and distance than cars used predominately for long journeys).

Indicators that there may be an issue with your exhaust system include:

  • The exhaust silencer is often a part of the exhaust that needs attention first, where problems with your silencer is indicated by your exhaust making a loud roaring noise
  • A hissing noise from your exhaust indicates a crack in the exhaust manifold, exhaust pipe or a leaking gasket
  • A chugging noise could mean a blockage in the exhaust system
  • A rattling noise from under the car could indicate that the exhaust system has become misaligned
  • Loud metallic vibrations and noises from under the car usually indicate that something is touching the exhaust or that a clamp, mounting or support bracket that holds your exhaust system in place has become loose.

Other problems can be identified with a visual check, such as external rust, cracks in the pipe, holes around welding seams and joins between pipes. If you suspect that your exhaust system has any of these symptoms, consult Cottage Street Garage as quickly as possible to avoid brake failure.