For all Aspects of MOT in Macclesfield, Use a Professional Garage

MOT in MacclesfieldDoes it really matter which MOT in Macclesfield testing centre you take your car to? VOSA requires the same standards from each testing centre and the same requirements for the tester. The only way we can be sure of that consistency is for VOSA to conduct inspections of every MOT testing centre every year at least. That’s a lot of worker hours which translates into a lot of money. It’s just not possible. So, it is conceivable that your car could pass at one testing centre but fail at another. Since an MOT is a requirement and you have to pay for it, you should expect that any roadworthy failings will be noted. If your car passes, your confidence in the safe condition of your car should be justified. Since that is not always the outcome, choose your MOT testing centre as carefully as you choose your mechanic.

We employ only experienced mechanics which is the first step to becoming a qualified tester. However, in Macclesfield, MOT testing is not our only service. We do have dedicated bays for testing and qualified testers. We operate a complete and comprehensive garage service centre that includes tyres, exhausts, brakes, air conditioning, mechanical repairs, electrical and diagnostics. Cottage Street Garage has been well established for fifty years with a reputation for integrity, professionalism and fair prices. We are Macclesfield’s leading MOT test centre.

Since the MOT in Macclesfield certification is granted if your car meets minimum safety standards, your car may pass but just barely. In such an event, you may get some of our free expert advice regarding work you may need to have done before your next MOT. While it’s true, our garage can carry out those repairs at a much lower rate than your dealer, we remain impartial. We would like you to think of us as your full service and repair garage as well as your MOT centre. However, what you do with our recommendations is totally up to you. Contact Cottage Street Garage to schedule your MOT. We can promise you a thorough and honest experience. We invite you to get a free quote from us for any service or repairs you need throughout the year.