Is it Time for Your Vehicle’s MOT in Bollington?

MOT in BollingtonIf it is time for your vehicle’s annual MOT test, don’t worry about searching for a professional garage. As a VOSA authorised MOT testing centre, we can provide a thorough MOT test for your car. The MOT is a legal requirement and shouldn’t be ignored for any reason. Doing so will invite easily avoidable problems. The reason why an MOT is required is for the safety of the driver and his vehicle as well as other road users. The MOT test checks numerous aspects of a vehicle to see if it complies with the legal requirements and to ensure it is safe for use on the road. If the MOT test is ignored and you are unable to prove that our vehicle is compliant, you can incur a large fine, and you will be unable to renew your road tax and your car is unlikely to be insured as a consequence.

For motorists in Bollington, MOT testing is expertly done at our garage. We have a team of experienced and skilled mechanics who will complete the MOT test efficiently and effectively. Working in partnership with our sister garage, Just MOT, we operate a VOSA approved MOT test centre that is fully equipped with the latest diagnostics and testing equipment. When you bring your vehicle in for MOT testing, our friendly team will complete the test according to VOSA requirements. They will ensure that your car is in a satisfactory working condition before they issue an MOT certificate. If your car needs any additional work done to ensure it passes the MOT test, we will provide impartial and expert advice on the best way for the work. You will also find that our pricing is transparent and that the price we quote is the price you will pay. Our pricing is more competitive than that of the main dealerships.

Should your vehicle fail the MOT in Bollington, don’t despair. We will advise and suggest the needed repair work so that your car passes the re-test. Your car needs regular servicing, so why not have the MOT Test done at the same time? You can get your MOT Test 1 month before the actual test date and you’ll be able to fit both trips to the garage into one. For more information about how we can assist you, contact us today. We offer quality car repairs by quality mechanics!