Great Quality Tyres in Tytherington at Pocket-Friendly Prices

Tyres in Tytherington The quality of your tyres in Tytherington dictates the performance of your brakes and suspension systems. The condition of your tyres improves the traction and manoeuvrability of your car. With good quality tyres, you will enjoy a smooth ride on any terrain. Before taking a long trip, ensure you check your tyres and service your wheel ends. You should also ensure that your spare wheel or tyre repair kit is fully functional. Getting a flat tyre in the middle of a long trip can be frustrating. If you need new tyres you should visit a reputable garage for proper fitting and wheel alignment. Investing in high-quality tyres ensures you enjoy the excellent performance for several months.

To avoid frequent punctures, you should replace all your worn-out tyres. In Tytherington, tyres must meet the UK tyre law specifications. The law requires that you fit the correct type and size of tyres for your car. You should also ensure that you use the right tyres for their designated purpose. In the UK, the tread depth of your tyres should always exceed 1.6 mm across the central ¾ or the tyre. If your treads don’t satisfy the specified depth along the whole circumference of the tyre, you are due for tyre replacement. At our garage, we provide you with a complete tyre check and service. We ensure that the pressure in your tyres is always balanced before you leave. It is advisable to check your tyre pressure every two weeks as a precautionary measure.

If you want to buy brand new tyres in Tytherington, come to our garage. Our team supplies tyres from leading brands such as Pirelli, Bridgestone, Continental and Kumhotyres. We also supply a wide variety of budget tyre brands if you are looking for a more affordable option. We’ve been fitting tyres and servicing vehicles in the North West for more than 40 years. We also service cars, brakes, exhausts and air conditioning systems. For the most efficient tyre services in the area, contact Cottage Street Garage today. We are always ready to welcome new customers and serve existing ones.