Car Servicing in Prestbury, Expertly Done by an Expert Team

Car Servicing in PrestburyCar servicing in Prestbury is necessary. Failure to have your car serviced can lead to huge problems that are likely going to cost a great deal to repair. When your car is serviced, any potential problems can be found and rectified before it is too late. When you need a reliable and professional garage for your car’s servicing, remember Cottage Street Garage. We offer a large range of expert services to keep your car in excellent condition. Speak to us about our different servicing options. As specialists, we will keep your car operating as it should. There are benefits to servicing your car. Other than keeping it running as it should, it will also maintain its value.

The chances of your car breaking down are lessened when in Prestbury, car servicing is regularly done. We can assist you with both an interim service, as well as a full service. An interim service is recommended when you are planning on driving a long way and you need to ensure your car is able to complete the journey. It is also recommended to have an interim service every 6 months to help keep your car safe and roadworthy between full services. Before we service your car, we will first thoroughly inspect it in order to provide an all-inclusive quotation. This means that you will know exactly what needs to be done and what you will pay before any work is completed.  If you are pressed for time and cannot bring your car in for its service, you will be pleased to find that we offer a collection and delivery service for your convenience.

Car servicing in Prestbury is not all we offer. We can assist you with new tyres for your car. We can also repair or replace your car’s exhaust, brakes, air conditioning and can complete the MOT test. If you are looking for a professional, yet affordable garage for car servicing, contact Cottage Street Garage today. You’ll find that our pricing is fair and honest. You’ll also find that we offer the same quality service as a main dealership, but at a much more affordable price. We are always available to provide free and impartial advice.