For Car Servicing in Holmes Chapel, Speak to the Specialists

Car Garage in Homes ChapelIt matters where you take your car for car servicing in Holmes Chapel. You may think the details of a routine service is easy stuff. However, it’s during routine servicing of vehicles that skilled and alert technicians will make a thorough check of all maintenance items. You should expect to feel confident that nothing will be overlooked because the technician is professional and conscientious. That’s what we offer. We check the fluids, tyres, and change the oil. Fluids deplete over time even though they are contained. Low levels create wear and tear on the parts, which causes them to wear out faster. We make sure tyre tread is in the safety zone and that they’re properly inflated. Oil change is very important. Every moving part in a machine needs lubrication that is free of grit. So change it every few thousand miles.

Those simple steps taken by our techs while you relax in our lounge for an hour can save you thousands in potential repairs. In Holmes Chapel, car servicing includes a look around for cracks or leaks that can lead to big repairs. We check filters and belts to make sure they’re dependable. You can feel safe on the roadway knowing your car is safe and roadworthy. If there are minor repairs needed, it’s better that we find them early before they turn into expensive repairs and perhaps you end up stranded along the roadway. Our technicians are quick to spot signs of excessive wear on engine parts. Maybe this way you won’t find out about them the hard way; through expensive transmission, drivetrain or cooling system repairs.

Car servicing in Holmes Chapel will extend the life of your car. You invested a lot of money in it when you bought it. Invest a little now then to make sure it lasts and you can avoid investing big money on repairs. Regularly scheduled maintenance and service will make you safer in your car. It will make your teens safer when they are in your car. Contact us for affordable car servicing . If your service engine light comes on, call us and bring your car in. We’ve got the latest diagnostics to find the problem quickly. Trust our expertise; we have been established since 1969 looking after the cars of our neighbours, near and far. Schedule your next MOT with us too. We’ll take care of you.