Take Advantage of a Professional MOT Garage in Knutsford

MOT Garage in KnutsfordWhen you need an MOT garage in Knutsford, visit Cottage Street Garage. Some might think a service and repair garage and an MOT testing centre in one location could create a conflict. Speaking for ourselves, we know it’s actually a convenience. The MOT testing bay is completely separate from the repair garage and staffed by certified testers. Our service and repair bays are staffed by the finest mechanics you’ll find anywhere. There is no overlap. We do not fail cars in our MOT test centre so we can generate business in our service garage. If anything, the opposite is true. We service and repair your vehicles as needed so they will pass the MOT.

A benefit of having both services in one location is convenience for our customers. In Knutsford, an MOT garage will have your service records on file. Depending on your driving habits, you’ll bring your car in for service and check up two or three times a year. So your information is handy and we’ll be adding notes regarding any concerns we have that might impact your MOT.  You have to get an MOT every year so one of your service appointments could be scheduled at the same time as your MOT. We’ll notice any external issues that could cause your vehicle to fail. Probably the biggest concern for many car owners if their car is several years old is emissions. So, if your car does fail, it’s already here at our garage and we can make the needed repairs. Then we can retest it at no additional charge to you.

At your local MOT garage in Knutsford, we have been serving our friends and neighbours since 1969. We are full service, including tyres, exhaust, air conditioning, brakes, transmission and more. Our diagnostic equipment is always the latest and best and our technicians continue to update their skills. We service cars according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and stay up to date on any of those changes. Contact Cottage Street Garage when you are looking for an MOT garage. Our pricing is fair and honest yet considerably less than what your dealer would charge. Yet, you still get dealer quality service. Plus, we’re friendly and convenient.