Easy and Convenient Car Servicing in Congleton for Your Vehicle

Car Servicing in Congleton Car servicing in Congleton is a simple task. It just requires your tiny bit of discipline for sticking to a service schedule and the professionals at Cottage Street Garage. If your car is 3 years old or older, we recommend you start with the annual MOT. Our full service garage is also a registered MOT testing location. About a month before your MOT is due, schedule your car into our garage for a full service followed by an MOT. Now, you have just taken care of the two biggest responsibilities of car ownership in one visit to our garage. We followed your car manufacturer’s guidelines for maintenance and stamped your warranty book or maintenance book. You may not need to bring your car in for service again all year.

However, in Congleton, car servicing could include an interim service if you put a lot of miles on your car; more than about 12,000. You might want to add another oil change in there between the full service and the interim service for your high mileage driving requirements. That’s it unless you need a repair. Most wear and tear items like brakes, exhaust and tyres we cover at the full service before the MOT. When you attend to regular car maintenance, you can go about your business with the confidence you can depend on your vehicle. No surprises at the worst possible time because of neglect.

At Cottage Street Garage, we make car servicing in Congleton easy and convenient. Our garage is equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment. Our techs are highly experienced and efficient. Sometimes it’s tough to take the time to bring your car in so we help you with that by providing a collection and delivery service. You will be glad to know our rates are lower than your dealers. In fact, our promise is to deliver dealer quality service without the high rates. Contact Cottage Street Garage and schedule your car in for service with our technicians. We’ll give you a price quote and that will be the price you find on your invoice at completion of service. There are no hidden fees and your satisfaction is guaranteed.