Be Safe on the Road with Top Quality Affordable Tyres in Chelford

Tyres in ChelfordWe offer tyres in Chelford at Cottage Street Garage. We don’t just offer some tyres as a convenience to our customers who bring their cars to us for servicing and repair. We don’t keep a supply of tyres on hand in case someone needs a couple with more tread to pass their MOT. Those are both good reasons to stock tyres since we offer comprehensive auto mechanic garage services. For over forty years we’ve been stocking and fitting tyres for our customers because they are a major safety factor. They are, literally, the rubber between you and the road. There’s a lot more to it than just having tyres with enough tread to grip the road and avoid blowouts. Other driving safety features depend on properly fitted tyres.

For instance, if your tyres are worn, especially unevenly worn, your vehicle control is impacted. Driving in Chelford, tyres that are worn may cause difficulty steering your car straight on the road. You may be fighting a pull to the left or right. A sudden emergency stop may jerk the wheel right out of your hand. This constant misalignment also wears on other parts meant to support your steering and braking system. How often do you drive on wet roads? Frequently for most of us. You do need properly aligned tyres with sufficient tread on them to safely control your car on wet, snowy and icy roads. You are probably an experienced driver. What about your teenager? Will you put him or her behind the wheel of a car with unsafe tyres?

At Cottage Street Garage we stock the leading brand of tyres in Chelford. We also stock reliable quality budget tyres. We are not brand loyal, only quality loyal, so we’re happy to advise you on the best tyre for your car, budget and driving habits. We carry budget brands for people who drive less or don’t want to invest in more expensive tyres for an older model car. Contact us or visit us to see our selection of tyres and prices. As the leading fast-fit garage, we consider tyre services a major part of our full service. Therefore, you can expect wheel balancing, alignment checks and puncture repairs as part of the service.